Posted: 14/10/2015

Interview With A Retro Weirdo

What’s your name and where do you come from?


Hiya Cilla, my names Kyle, and I’m from Mooorrzine!


How long have you lived in Morzine for?


5 fantastic years!


What do you do in Morzine?


I run the infamous Retro Rentals, the purveyors of all things tight and bright on the slopes, think epic 80s après, dancing on tables and wearing retro onesies so revealing they would even make Ke$ha blush.


So.. kind of like flash dance on skis?


EXACTLY! We rent out authentic retro ski wear to the masses, then go cause havoc on the slopes!


Do you Ski or Snowboard?


Snowboard all the way.


What do you think Snowboxx in Avoriaz will be like?


Probably more amazing than the illegitimate wonder child of Chuck Norris and Superman. Avoriaz is the perfect resort to contain the all out mayhem that is Snowboxx. The largest ski area in the world, epic snowfall every year, and some incredible après!

I’ve been going to Snowboxx for 3 years, and we are all so stoked we get to have the best winter festival going in our back yard!


What are you most excited about?


Smashing Retro Rentals world record we set last year in Alpes Duez, this year is going to be extra special! Lets just say that we are going to set the bar at a whole new level of EPIC.(cue shameless plug) make sure you get your retro ski suit booked in advance to get involved at 

Is there anything that Snowboxxers need to do whilst out in Avoriaz region?


Ride the Stash, probably the best all natural park in the world. We are lucky enough to have some of the best park shapers out there maintaining this all wood mega tree run. Its sponsored by Burton as well, look out for some mega comps in their during the festival! Also, rumour has it there’s a snowboarding Sasquatch living in the forest…

I would also check out our regional dish, the good old tartiflette. A heart attack inducing combination of cheese, cream potato, onion and bacon, baked in a huge dish, served with a side of salad just so you can kid yourself that you just ate something healthy!


Peace out, Cilla x

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