Posted: 05/11/2015

Mike Skinner


English rapper, musician and record producer Mike Skinner has made his fair share of “absolute tunes”.  With hits like ‘Fit but don’t you know it’ and ‘Blinded by the lights’ his varied DJ sets reflect his love of cutting edge sounds, and his musical selections are as enticing as his production capabilities.



The man behind the musical phenomenon that was The Streets for ten years, Skinner has built himself a huge online fanbase for his Skinimix series of podcasts. There has been great demand to bring Mike's DJing skills into the clubs and Mike's personality as both an entertainer and a musical trendsetter has never been bigger.

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Skinner has since won an Ivor Novello, a Brit, and changed the sound of UK music forever. With a charm and authenticity that is what makes Mike such a likeable and relatable musician, he has created a real connection with his fans and with the youth of the UK.

His first album,'Original Pirate Material' made it acceptable for British artists to rap in their own accent, subtly but significantly altering the way his generation saw itself. The album was recently called the album of the decade by The Guardian and similar awards were given to both 'OPM' and 'A Grand Don't Come for Free' by the NME.





Now that he has retired the moniker of The Streets, Mike continues to push things forward with his genre-bending DJ sets. Reflecting his love of cutting edge sounds, Mike's musical selections are as eclectic as his production capabilities. From screwed down house to old skool hip hop via drum and bass bangers and peppered with his own, up to the minute refixes, and classic tracks, Skinner never fails to ignite the party spirit.

Two of Skinner's protégé's from his record label The Beats, Professor Green and Example regularly tear up the charts in their own right and his production talents have resulted in hits for such Inspirations as Kano, Giggs and numerous remixes for people as varied as Ellie Goulding, Bloc Party, Sparks, Major Lazer and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.


Check out this interview with Mike and Danny Brown discussing the art of Grime, GAP adverts, and rapping really fast:

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