Posted: 01/03/2017

Snowboxx 2017 - Who Is Wilkinson?

London based producer/DJ Mark Wilkinson has helped pioneer & catapult the Drum & Bass sound back into the charts with his infectious, pop tingled tracks such as 'Afterglow' - one of the most successful singles of 2013 & has since been certified Gold - 'Too Close', 'Dirty Love' and recent single 'Sweet Lies' which features fellow Snowboxx performer Karen Harding.



With releases via Hospital & RAM Records as well as Virgin EMI Records, Wilkinson will release his highly anticipated second studio album 'Hypnotic' in April; the follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Lazers Not Included' album, released in 2013.



Fresh from a hugely successful live UK tour, Wilkinson brings his European Hypnotic DJ tour to Snowboxx with MC AD-APT for an explosion of sounds and excellent vibes.


Check out what Snowboxx 2017 has to offer below!