Created in Scotland, Born on the Dance Floor.
Launched in the legendary Pikes Hotel in their spiritual home of Ibiza, 8O8 is a whisky but not as you know it. They are throwing away the rule book and giving you the smoothest, most mixable spirit on the planet. The revolution has started...

Ask for a chilled shot to warm your bones, a ‘8Bump’ or ‘8Bomb’ to get the party started, or try a low sugar ‘DC8’ or any mixer of your choice. Straight up or on the rocks, it’s your choice, drink it however you want. With buttery honey & vanilla tones, 8O8 is your perfect festival companion.

Music Producer TommyD (Kanye, JayZ, Michael Jackson) set about creating a whisky to define todays music loving generation. 8O8 was born with all the heritage, depth and soul of Scotch, yet shaped for the 21st century. 

Named after the legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine; the corner stone of electronic dance music, 8O8 resonates with music lovers and party goers everywhere.

Every Generation Needs a Revolution, Every Generation Needs an 8O8.